Invest in a Topical Cannabis R&D Leader with a Royalty-based Business Model

Ovation Science Inc. (CSE:OVAT) (OTCQB:OVATF) is a topical research and development company with a patented drug delivery technology back by over 20 years of R&D and a high-margin royalty-based business model primed for expansion.

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Investment Highlights

Royalty-based Model

Superior Technology

Scalable, high-margin revenue from royalties tied to licensee product sales, enabling highly scalable growth with low COGS and CAPEX.

Patented drug delivery technology provides dramatically better topical delivery and transdermal penetration than leading competitors.

Ovation Science offers high-margin, topical and transdermal products for the global medical cannabis, wellness and beauty markets.

Primed for Expansion

Veteran Team

Potential licensing agreements with U.S. multi-state operators (MSOs) across 36 states, as well as Canadian and European companies.

A team with extensive corporate and clinical experience in the pharmaceutical and skincare industries.

Proven Drug Delivery Technology

Topical Delivery

Transdermal Delivery

Topical products released far more CBD to the skin (40%) compared to leading competitors (3%) as measured two hours after application.

Transdermal products showed up to an 81% penetration over six hours compared to just 10% to 25% for leading competitors.

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