Leveraging AI & mHealth Data to Improve Diagnostics

Medxtractor Corp. (CSE: MXT) (OTC: MXXTF) developed SHAMAN to aggregate mHealth data and improve the diagnosis of mental health conditions, working hand-in-hand with psychedelics to improve patient outcomes.

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Mental Health Challenges

Significant Misdiagnoses

Grave Consequences

Misdiagnosis rates range from 65.9% for major depressive disorder to 97.8% for social anxiety disorder.

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. and medication errors harm 1.5M people.

Hit-or-Miss Treatments

Lack of Coherent, Valid Data

Many existing drugs have questionable efficacy and psychedelics have an opportunity to revolutionize the market.

SHAMAN was built to make sense of massive amounts of data and provide more accurate diagnoses.

How SHAMAN Helps

Aggregating Data

SHAMAN aggregates data from brain wave scans to the growing number of wearable devices.

Data Validation

SHAMAN standardizes the data, determines its relevance and creates a central knowledgebase.

Accurate Opinions

SHAMAN makes more accurate diagnostic opinions using its massive data stores and AI algorithms.

Endless Potential

SHAMAN's core technologies can be applied to almost any industry with massive data sets.

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