Invest in a Leading Psychedelic Ecosystem

Delic Corp. is a leader in the nascent and growing psychedelic wellness space with three platforms that collectively reach over 300,000 people per month.

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A Rapidly Growing Market





Of all American adults between 21 and 64 have tried psychedelics

Spent each year on mental health treatments and services

People in the U.S. have tried psychedelics at least once

Spent each year on prescription drugs in the U.S.

A Unique Platform and Model

Connected Team

Private Equity Model

Delic's team is well-respected within the industry and includes leadership from High Times Magazine.

A nimble focus on cash flowing and scalable opportunities for private investment in psychedelics.

Delic Corp. is focused on identifying fully-legal ways to scale under a big tent of resources and reach.

Extensive Reach

Unique Opportunity

Reality Sandwich reaches more than a hundred thousand people per month while Meet Delic will be flagship event.

Investors have a unique opportunity to invest in a diverse psychedelic platform with proprietary dealflow.

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